Change with Attitude

I have heard several potential clients say that they are hopeless, or that they will never be able to do it.I want you to know that if you can drive a car, you can get and stay organized.  But it won’t happen if you continue the defeatist attitude.
Simplifying your environment, and by extension your work and life, is a choice and it is incremental. That means small decisions add up. The cumulative effect is truly transformational.Instead of an “all or nothing” attitude, try just the next thing or step. As you gain control of each part, the overwhelm will begin to dissolve. The next step will be easier and the physical and mental space will allow a flood of creativity.This week try just weeding out your pencil cup, and putting all writing implements in it as you run across them.

Don’t wait for the time, take the time, one increment at a time.

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