Creativity for Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs need space to create. It is critical to continually review, revise, improve and create to keep your business moving forward.

Creativity for entrepreneurs usually looks a lot like business planning and marketing. Having the space to allow the ideas to flow and the materials handy to develop those ideas is essential.

All too often my clients sacrifice their creative time to take care of “urgent” tasks that could have been anticipated and avoided in the first place if they had given the creative time the importance it deserves. Used properly, taking the time to think and create great stuff will potentially save you more than an hour a day, and practically eliminate half of your stress.

The following three strategies for creating creative time are a good place to start.

1.  Draw a line between inspiration and clutter. If you have a bunch of things in your office that are supposed to be motivating you, take a closer look. If they are dusty they need to go, if they make you feel guilty they need to go, if you don’t remember where you got it it needs to go. Instead keep only a couple of things that really resonate and empower you. If you are inspired by a lot of stuff, rotate the items. Just remember that it’s hard to create the next big thing when there isn’t enough room between the paperweights on your desk to set down an index card.

2. Allow yourself the mental as well as the physical space. New studies show that a little daydreaming results in breakthroughs. Mind wandering is not the same thing as hanging out on Facebook or playing Tetris, it requires only a little time each day to see what the universe is trying to tell you. Use it purposefully to explore options when working on something. Armed with new insight and greater clarity, creating that next new thing might just happen a whole lot faster.

3. Recognize that as an entrepreneur, the money is in the ideas. The idea of what your company stands for, who it strives to help, how to let the people know about it and it’s greatness is far more important to your bottom line that the fact that you answered the phone at midnight because a demanding client called. There is the potential for huge time saving here too. The ideas help you create the boundaries that set the expectations of your employees and clients so everyone can excel. They provide the foundation for creating everyday.

Now how important is the birdhouse on the credenza? Can you even find the credenza? I think it’s where the colored pencils have been hiding.

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