Feng Shui & Clutter

I’ve spent years helping my clients dig out from under their piles. Almost all of them express an interest in Feng Shui. Some have the idea that the practice will magically remove the clutter from their lives. Many have placed mirrors, crystals and the color red in strategic places and wonder why the clutter is still there.

To help shed light on the process, I have invited Carol Olmstead to better explain the connection between clutter and Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and Clutter
By Carol M. Olmstead, FSII, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
In Feng Shui, clutter represents the inability to move forward. When you are surrounded by clutter, the energy around you gets stuck. This energy, called chi, is the constantly moving force making you feel either good or bad in a location. Whether your clutter problem is major, minor, or somewhere in between, Feng Shui can come to your rescue. To unclutter both your house and your mind, make sure you clear clutter with a prosperity consciousness (that is, the belief that you can afford to replace the item if you need it in the future) rather than a poverty mentality (the fear that you might never have enough money to replace the object). For more information, read my article Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing.

Carol and I are happy to team up to provide a more transformative Feng Shui and clutter clearing solution for your home or office. Call or email for more info.

What will you do to move through your clutter?

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